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Photograph of Funfair Ride Hires Waltzer



Photograph of the artwork on Tuckers Funfairs Rock 'N' Roll Dodgems, which are available to hire

Rock 'n' Roll

Dodgem Hire

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Waltzer ride FOR hire

  Hire our waltzer for your next event, and your guest’s won’t be dissapointed!

 The Waltzer is a traditional fairground family favourite that epitomizes ‘All the fun of the Fair’. 

Consisting of a number of cars seating upto 5 passenger, which spin independantly on platforms, that gently rise and fall – as they revolve around the rides centre.

The spinning of the cars increases as the Waltzer picks up speed, and sometimes a gentle helping hand is given to start the car spinning! 

Spinning is unpredictable, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, that’s what makes the Waltzer a firm favourite to hire for your next event.

Waltzers are a amazing attraction for all kind of events as they are suitable for all ages as they can be operated slow or fast.
You have proberly heard the saying, “Scream if you want to go faster”

All of our  funfair rides and attraction are maintained to the highest standards, and are inspected daily. Each ride and attraction undergoes an annual safety and electrical compliance test. This is carried out by an independent engineer under the Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS).

We also adhere all requirements of the Health & Safety Executive’s Guidance for Safe Practice at Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks (HSG175). Each individual attraction carries full public liability insurance up to the sum of £10 million.

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History of our Waltzer

Originally built as Ark (Speedway) by the firm of R.J.Lakin for Botton Brothers and was known as the ‘Rocket Ark’ operating at both Battersea and Skegness. The Ark had a number of owners before being converted into a Waltzer in 1993.

We purchased the ride in 2011, and have spent a considerable amount of time and money in updating this attraction.

New artwork and state of the art lighting system was added in 2016, to make it the attraction you see today.

See our waltzer in action!

Need more information about the Waltzer or any of our funfair rides and attractions, then please  get in touch and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

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