Funfair Ride Hire

Funfair Rides

The Cliffhangar Miami is one of our staple of rides, image

Browse some of the fantastic funfair rides that we have available to hire for your event or party.

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Rock N Roll Dodgems

Funfair Ride Hires Rock N Roll Dodgems, image

Our Rock 'N' Roll Dodgems are available to hire for Corporate Events, University Balls, Music Festival, Private Parties.

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Childrens Rides

One of Funfair Ride Hire's Childrnes rides, image

The Toy Set is just one of the many Children's Rides we have available to hire

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Hell Creator Waltzer

Funfair Ride Hires Hell Creator Waltzer

GR Tuckers 'Hell Creator' Waltzer is a traditional fairground favourite that epitomizes 'All the fun of the Fair' and is available to hire for your events.

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The New Sizzler ride

Featuring the very best sound and lighting system you will see on this type of ride, with a stunning array of 6000 running lights and 560 blue LED’S the Sizzler is sure to light up your event.

The Sizzler has a capacity of 36 passengers, seating 3 passengers per car, with cars revolving at 31rpm.

Transported on one trailer, the Sizzler can be on site, set up, tested and running in 1 hour, with a similar time for dismantling.

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Funfair Ride Hires Mobile Catering unit available to hire

Need a mobile catering unit for your event. Our Burger and Fries unit provides delicious, high quality burgers and fries, aswell as providing hot and cold beverages.

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Health & Safety

Funfair Ride Hires rides and attractions are all fully inspected, and tested annually by ADIPS qualified technicians, and conform to all Health and Safety Executive standards. We also carry 10 million public liability insurance and we are members of the Showmen's Guild of Great Britain.

Latest News

Childrens Inflatable New for 2014, imageJack in the Box - Funfair Ride Hires new covered Bouncey Castle inflatable playbed for kids.

Contact Us

To enquire about hiring any of our funfair rides and attractions, please call Tuckers Funfairs on 07899 828783.

This is often the quickest way for your enquiry to be handled, as our business means we are away from the office for long periods.

Alternatively email us